Corporate members

KIN-no-IBUKI Co.,Ltd: As a supporter of the association of brown rice, specializing in foods made from brown rice.

Taimatsu Foods Co.: Focusing on Japanese food culture. Rice based foods such as Kagami Mochi, they offer a wide variety of foods.

Sanjirushi Corp.: Established in 1804, Sanjirushi makes tamari soy sauce and bean miso from soy beans, which Mie prefecture is famous for. Recently they also offer various foods made with gluten free tamari.

Osama Seika.,Ltd: To commemorate the 92nd anniversary of Osama Seika.,Ltd, there will be an event held in Asakusa with the theme of 'Bringing healthy foods to the customer'.

Gunmaseifun Flour Milling Co.,Ltd.: Producing sweets, breads, rice flour and mochi rice flour for cooking. Also offering gluten and wheat free rice noodles and macaroni.

Oogatamura Akitakomachi Seisansya Kyokai,inc.: Since its foundation in 1987, "Oogatamura Akitakomachi Seisansya Kyokai" has made food products from rice, as well as gluten free products.

Mitake Food Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.: “Potential raw materials for grains” as a research theme. Manufacturing and processing of raw materials such as rice, soybeans, sesame and barley. Safe and high quality products are delivered to consumers.


Companies offering gluten free products

Kobayashi Noodle Co., Ltd. : Noodles made from 100% fresh rice flour, which is rare even in Japan. A poineer in Japan for offering gluten free products.

Kobayashi corporation : Nuts and dried fruit products from their farms and factories in Chiba.

Ichibiki Inc. :Founded in 1772. Starting from miso and tamari soy sauce, recently they have expanded their products. In particular offer wheat free soy sauce with the same taste as standard.

MAISEN corporation :Products based on brown rice, no gluten, egg, dairy products, which sugar or alcohol.


Antichi Sapori :Italian food with several gluten free options.

REVIVE KITCHEN: Fine dining from the natural cosmetic company 'THREE'. Several gluten free menu items to ease digestion.

Komehiro: Breads made from 100% rice flour. No wheat, gluten or eggs. High grade Japanese rice used for rice flour. Selected sweeteners and salt.