Company Overview

To raise awareness and popularize foods free of gluten,
which is made of proteins found in wheat, rye and barley.

⑴ Provide information on gluten free foods
⑵ PLanning and hosting of events and workshops on gluten free foods
⑶ Organize workshop for corporate gluten free strategy
⑷ Support for registration and approval of gluten free seal
⑸ Additional services related to the above


The Gluten Free Life Association offers individual memberships.

We provide information to members worldwide.
In addition to events and workshops, we plan to arrange for information exchange between members and also manufacturers.

We are also seeking corporate supporting members that share our mission.

* Please contact us using the below form if interested.

About membership application

・Types of membership

Individual: For those interested in the Associations' activities
Corporate: For businesses that are interested in helping our mission

・Membership benefits

    *Receive various information
    *Information on activities of the Association
    *Discounts on seminars and events

    *Listed as a supporting member on our home page
    *Information on activities of the Association
    *Discounts on seminars and events

・Yearly fees

Individual: 4,000 JPY(tax not included)
Corporate: 50,000 JPY(tax not included)

・Please send email to the below address for further details.