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Osama Seika.,Ltd

Industry:Confectionery manufacture for rice cracker

Number of employees:80

Company introduction

Established at Asakusa in 1924, Osama Seika.,Ltd is a producer of rice crackers. Rice is a traditional Japanese food and there will be an event held with the theme of 'Bringing healthy foods to the customer'.

Reasons to join the Gluten Free Life Association as a corporate member

The enjoyment of food is a basic aspect of everyone’s happiness. We are trying to tackle about gluten-free foods in order to help people’s health and bring this basic enjoyment to all.

Guide to joining the introductory meeting with our corporate members.

If you are interested in becoming a corporate member, please take this opportunity to attend the meeting of the gluten-free society.
For joining the introductory meeting or inquiries, please contact us through the following inquiry form.

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